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 A business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in industrial, manufacturing, or professional activities. Data is an integral part of an organization. The data are characteristics or details obtained by observation, typically numerical. More technically speaking, data is a collection of values of qualitative or quantitative variables for one or more entities or objects, whereas the data is a single variable value. We will use the data to prepare our business model, to market, and to increase our income. To analyze your data, you need to create statistical graphs and charts. But creating charts and graphs for a huge amount of data is time-consuming. To solve this problem, you can download Minitab on your PC/Laptop.

Minitab is a product of Minitab LLC, and this software is a powerful statistical software that helps you in data analysis. This program is designed to solve the most challenging business problems and to automate large calculations and the development of graphs more smoothly. Minitab allows large corporations, research teams, and educational institutions to concentrate their attention more on analyzing collected data and interpreting findings, leaving the hard work of creating charts and graphs on this powerful software. This software has built-in export support to common productivity applications like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, allowing for fast and simple ways to build new presentations and to share results for your project. The other applications created by the software developers are also available to advanced users. This software is very helpful and easy to use, which makes this software a must-have on your PC/Laptop. 

Features of Minitab

  1. Beneficial- This software is very helpful, it creates charts and graphs effortlessly for huge data. This software is easy to use and provides seamless data presentation and result output.
  2. Helps you to focus- This software helps you to focus on the data analysis entirely, as it does the hard part of creating charts and graphs for the given data.
  3. For all users- This software can be used by a beginner as well as an experienced statistician.
  4. Better Graphs- This software you excellent quality graphs and charts with many eye-catching elements. The graphs and charts created using this software are presentable.

How to download Minitab on Windows?

  • 1- Just click on the download button and select a location where you want to download the file. 
  • 2- After the download finishes, open the Minitab folder and extract the content from it.
  • 3-  Now open the Minitab folder and double click on the Minitab setup file.
  • 4- Now an installation window appears, now agree to the License Agreement and select a location for installation.
  • 5- It will take a few minutes to install the Minitab, click on the Finish button after installation.


  • This software helps you with data analysis.
  • This software provides graphs and charts for a huge amount of data.
  • This software can be used by users of all experience.


  • You have to pay for the full version of the software.

App Name: MiniTAB

License: Open Source

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V19

Latest Update: 2020-12-23

Developer: Minitab, LLC.

User Rating: 4.45

Category: Office and Business Tools

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