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Samsung Magician is a software developed and published by Samsung. Its primary function is to facilitate the usage and management of the Solid State Drive (SSD) present in your PC. Samsung magician only supports SSDs that are manufactured by Samsung, some of these include the 470 Series, the 750 Series, 830 Series etc. The software is not able to manage any other manufacturer's SSD. The software is compatible only with Windows OS and is not available on any other platform.

The Magician is an official utility tool from Samsung, and it can be used to make a benchmark for the optimum performance of SSD and to manage its condition and performance. The Samsung Magician is capable of unlocking the full potential of your SSD, and it is an advanced suite of tools which bring the customization and optimization of your SSD to your fingertips. With the simple yet powerful interface of Magician, you can customize your SSD, monitor drive health, and maximize performance like a professional.


SSD information
The software is capable of providing you with the vital information of your drive instantly, like the drive health and the Total Bytes Written so that you always know the health of your SSD. The software can also be used to check the authenticity of the drive so that you have access to the reliability and superior performance that comes with Samsung SSDs. The software comes with a SMART scan which helps in warning you of your drives health and possible drive failures before they can happen.

SSD maintenance
Samsung Magician helps in boosting the drive's performance and maintaining its health. The software comes with performance benchmarking; it can inspect your SSD's random and sequential write/read speed, and compare it with the previous results, which helps t to maintain the highest performance possible. The software comes with the ability to do diagnostic scans so that potential problems can be fixed sooner rather than later.
The software resizes the partitions in the drive to make sure that enough space is always available in the drive to perform routine check-ups and maintenance like Garbage Collection and TRIM. The performance of SSD can also be saved from degradation with the help of performance enhancements like TRIM and also through RAPID Mode, which helps with DRAM caching of data.

Data management
SecureErase, which comes with Samsung Magician, is capable of deleting sensitive data permanently and effectively without compromising the functions of the drive. SecureErase is also capable of clearing the whole SSD in less than a minute. The software also helps you to revert your drive to its original factory settings by entering the PSID password available behind the SSD. The Magician can also help you with the drive's security settings and encrypting the data present in the SSD.

Troubleshooting and Updates
The software helps in easy access to information like the model name and number, serial number and firmware version. You can also receive reminders and keep track of the updates so that your drive's performance is always up to the mark. The software also comes with instructions for troubleshooting and for resolving other issues.

How to download on PC (Windows)?

  • 1. Click on the download button given on the top-right corner of the screen to download the setup of Samsung Magician.
  • 2. Once it is downloaded, go to your browser’s default Downloads folder and search for the downloaded file with the name Samsung Magician 4.9.7.
  • 3. Double-click on the file to run it.
  • 4. Once the installer has started running, it will show you the License Agreement. Click on I Agree to continue with the installation.
  • 5. The program will get installed at the specified path.
  • 6. Once the program is installed, you're ready to manage and optimize your Samsung SSD.


  • SSD test and repair
  • Speed boosting by RAPID Mode
  • Automatic drive updates
  • SMART check and DriveErasure


  • Some updates may be unstable
  • Does not support every Samsung SSD
  • Limited to only Samsung SSDs
  • Less number of functions

App Name: Samsung Magician

License: Freeware

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V6.2.01

Latest Update: 2020-12-02

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

User Rating: 3.29

Category: Benchmarking

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