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Rainway is software developed by Rainway Inc. and available for multiple platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. The software primarily works as a game streaming software but can also work as a game launcher. The software can be used remotely to launch games as well as streaming them on different platforms. If we keep aside the better hardware and more optimized games present out there, we will notice that gaming utility software is trying hard to make the gaming experience a good one.

With the advancement in software technology, there has come a concept of cloud gaming, which is become more and more popular day-by-day, and it allows the user to play their games from anywhere they are. But Rainway is not a type of cloud gaming utility; it is a peer-to-peer utility, which means that you can run any game which is present on your PC from your mobile device or phone. The software is different from other streaming software applications that charge for their services, but on the other hand, Rainway is free.


  1. Rainway does not require any other hardware than what you already own. It can work any brand's hardware be it AMD, Intel or Nvidia, or any other.
  2. Rainway Cloud Gaming app for the phone and software can put all your games in a single place to be launched whenever you want them to. The software's interface is straightforward, which means you don't have to wander around to start a game.
  3. The software is designed with speed in mind and can work without hampering you, which means you can run the streaming protocol with your game and don't have to worry about system lagging or any network-based problems. Rainway is so designed that it won't affect your game's performance or its FPS.
  4. Rainway is designed to have zero delays in the input and execution, even when you're playing a heavy game. This means you can play your RPG, First-Person Shooter, or even party games without experiencing delays.
  5. With the Rainway Connector app, you can play your computer games on any other mobile device, even from within the browser.
  6. The software is ready to support you wherever you are, be it school, home, or anywhere else; if you want to play a game, Rainway is here to start it up for you. 

How to download Rainway for your PC?

  • 1. To download and install Rainway, click on the download button on the webpage, which will start the download of the setup instantly, and you can click on the setup once it is downloaded to start the installation process.
  • 2. If you cannot find the file in the browser, then go to the PC's Downloads folder and double-click on the downloaded file to start the process. On the first screen, you will see a welcome note and click on Next to go to the window.
  • 3. You will see the End User's License Agreement, which must be agreed to if you want to continue installing the software; click on the I Agree button to continue with the installation.
  • 4. The next window will be shown here; click on the address if you wish to provide the installer with a custom address bar, or click on Install o continue with the installation. Now the last step will take place, and when it is done, you can click on Finish to exit the setup.
  • 5. Now your Rainway is ready to be used.


  • Allows the use of both mouse input as well as a gamepad
  • Free gaming software
  • Can stream from almost anywhere, including Steam


  • Requires a gaming PC for the load
  • May slows down the connection
  • Buggy software

App Name: Rainway

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Latest Version: V1.7.05

Latest Update: 2021-02-03

Developer: Rainway, Inc.

User Rating: 3.3

Category: Games

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